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Smash Up

Smash Up is the latest entry by the Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), makers of the game Thunderstone. It’s an easy to learn, card-based game for the distinguished thinker. The type of people who like to spend their time pondering the deeper questions of life, such as ‘If Wizards teamed up with Aliens, could they defeat […]

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Far Cry 3 Review

This is a shooter genre game. It is produced with unique features. It involves a series of shootings that enables the game to be one of the most anticipated productions. The pictures of this game are just perfect and awesome. Players have been awaiting the release of this game since long. Because of its interesting […]

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Know More About Free iPhone Game Apps and Paid iPhone Game Apps

iPhones are, undoubtedly, the best kind of phones available in the market. This phone model from Apple has long been the most preferred and popular one as it comes with many attractive features and functionalities. Many iPhone compatible applications are being introduced from time to time which increases the overall utility of the smart phone. […]

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Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall Of The Samurai

Suddenly, I’m observing an increasingly chaotic battlefield from a spot just above and behind a single wheeled machinegun. Slap-bang in the center of the screen is a crosshair. Left mouse button depressed, I drag this reticule along a line of charging spearmen. Targets are knocked off their feet, flicked like puppets into unnatural poses, sent […]

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Will Fire Fists Reach Tier 1 Status?

On Jan 25th we will have 3 new fire attribute decks to test against the meta. They are the Fire King monsters, Fire Fist archetype, and Haze Beast archetype. In this article I will be covering the Fire Fist or known in the OCG as Fire Star monsters. The deck itself is a whole new […]

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